Welcome to the Fishtank…home of Fishtank Communications. x


All the projects below were designed by Fishtank Communications’ owner and operator, Ruth Farrugia. Some were for Fishtank’s clients and others were produced in the course of her work in the City of Côte Saint-Luc’s Communications Department. Enjoy!

A brand for a tutoring company.

Fringe play poster.

MWF commercial catalogue

Food and Design lecture poster

Aquatic Centre brochure

A gallery postcard

Ensemble Caprice concert poster

History lecture series posters

A poster for an original musical

Gallery exhibit postcard

Posters for a concert series

Brochure for residential and commercial woodworking

Poster for a lecture series

Marketing a concert series of consummate musicians in an idyllic town.

A booklet to encourage donations to a very worthy organization.

A cleanly-designed tradeshow booth to stand out in a crowd.

A label for purified spring water sophisticated enough for the dining table.

An identity for a fledgling community theatre troupe.

A poster to promote a concert of Renaissance English choral music.

Poster to inform Montrealers about the People’s Climate March